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Welcome to the Log Cabin Inn

The History of the Log Cabin Inn

Historic Pictures

Located at the western edge of the Willamette National Forest, the property is nestled along the southern banks of the McKenzie River at the base of the Cascade Mountains on Highway 126. The original Log Cabin Inn, well-known as both a stagecoach stop and a hotel, was built in 1885. After a devastating fire in 1906, it was rebuilt as a near duplicate of the original building that was finished in the fall of 1907. A dining room and saloon addition was constructed, circa 1970 according to the tax assessor's records. The Inn burnt down again in 2006 and the current cabins were built between 2006 and 2009. There are 22 cabins total on the property, all individually owned. 


Large trees such as firs and redwoods tower over the cabins and gardens incorporating the native and non-native vegetation make this property special. The driveway configuration on the east side of the Inn remains the same as it was historically. The historic garage is located to the east side of the property. The structure appears to date to the 1930s, but research has not revealed an exact date of construction. Cabin 14 is from the early 1900s and was recently renovated. 


The Log Cabin Inn is listed in the register of historic places. President Herbert Hoover, Clark Gable, and the Duke of Windsor have stayed here. More recently actors Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson stayed on the property while filming a movie near Sahalie Falls.

Getting Here

The Log Cabin Inn is 1.5 hours west of Bend and about 45 minutes east of Springfield on highway 126.

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