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We are definitely a community that offers the flavors of uniqueness, creativity and an open friendliness to all as we serve together amongst the congenial piece of nature that surrounds us. It is with overall care and attention to this parcel, so surrounded by woods, water and life of all forms, that we often hear, "Life doesn't get much better as found on the shores of the Upper McKenzie." On behalf of the Board of Directors I welcome you into our community and hope you along with us, will always find this place special, inviting and tugging at your heart.

Ted Gillette, LCICOA board chair  

Here are a few items that will help better acquaint you with the overall functions of the Log Cabin inn Condominium Owners Association. This website is a project in development, so anything that kyou think might be helpful to you that isn't there please pass the thought along. 

Whether you want to get the boards attention, look into the earlier development of the property through its governance documents, review past notes to the community (remember this is all new, you're in on the ground floor!) or see the smiling faces of your neighbors at a wine tasting following a board meeting: it's all there and then some. However, probably the most sought after pieces of information fall under the category of "making changes". Therefore I pass along a couple of housekeeping regulations that we work with together to maintain the community we share.


The guidance of those who established this property for all to enjoy back in 2009, written under our Declarations and Bylaws offer some paragraphs you might find of interest in the Governance section if you are considering making improvements. 

Article 7.5: The Log Cabin Inn Condominium has been developed to provide to provide seclusion and privacy and to maintain the Real Property in as natural condition as possible. 

Thus we have the Common Area Review Committee (CARC) which governs the LCI common areas defined as 6-8 feet beyond the drip line of each unit.  Alterations to those areas would require a CARC form (CARC Guidelines)  to be completed and submitted for review.  

Article 10.1 …no building or structure, including any fence, wall, or any other improvement or any exterior addition to or change or alteration of any existing improvements shall be made on any unit until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind…etc.


Each of these committees are a wealth of information about resources and design when it comes to best serving you and the greater community and alterations.  In a collaborative way we seek to evolve with modern improvements while maintaining the serenity and beauty that the overall area offers. 

Let me close with this thought – it can be difficult entering into a new community.  This especially when you are surrounded by faces you don’t know, but they seem to know everyone else.  I will be so bold as to say those faces can’t wait to introduce and welcome you into the greater association.  A welcome introduction to others that says, “We’re glad you are part of us – thank you for choosing this area that is special to us all.  It may take the weather to warm up, but I hope even with a chill in the air you have already bumped into the warmth of some of those around you.  Again welcome and if I can be of any further help please feel free to contact me or knock on the door – I’m cabin #21).  Laura and I look forward to meeting you.


Sincerely yours…


Your neighbor,  Ted Gillette. 

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